Zavala Elementary School Welcomes Willy the Walrus

Willy making friends!

School nurse Susie Cruz has invited the Willy Dental Education Program to Zavala Elementary School for the last three years. She appreciates the program because it helps the children realize the importance of their dental health.

Today, three hundred and eighty-five children learned how to keep their teeth happy and healthy. The children eagerly participated in the importance of our teeth activity. Willy and Gail demonstrated the proper way to brush and floss with the help of the children.

Willy was very happy to receive so many hugs!

Call Gail Thomason at (956) 428-5322 to arrange for a Willy visit at your school, day care, after school program, etc.

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Gail Thomason About Gail Thomason

Gail is the public relations and community affairs director for Harlingen Family Dentistry and runs our large community dental health awareness program with "Willy the Walrus." Over 50,000 children in the Rio Grande valley have been reached on the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth. To have Willy or Gail come to your event, give Gail a call at 956-428-5322.