Fun Activities for Children to Promote Dental Health!!!

Willy the Walrus would like to welcome you to our Children’s Page.

At Harlingen Family Dentistry we like to make every smile bright and healthy!

We hope you enjoy our website and hope to see you at the dental office soon!

1. Watch Willy’s video for some dental tips!


2. How to Brush Your Teeth

1. Tooth brush bristles should be at a 45 degree angle to the gum line.

2. On the outer and inner sides of your teeth use short, circular motions.

3. On the chewing surfaces brush straight on.

Note: you should brush your teeth for about 2 minutes, twice a day but three times is even better. Also, be sure and remember to brush your tongue.


3. How to Floss Your Teeth

1. Wind a few inches of floss around your middle fingers.

2. Steady and guide the floss with your index finger.

3. Slide floss between teeth.

4. Move floss in the back and forth motion.

Note: be sure to be gentle and to get under the gum line to get all the bacteria and plaque out. Also, be sure that you reach all your teeth, even your back molars.

4. Willy Coloring Pages

(Click on a link to download the coloring image to print off)

Welcome From Willy
Start Your Day off Right
Brush Willy’s Way
End Cavity Creeps
Cavity Maze
Fight Tooth Decay
Help Stop Decay
Goodbye Willy

Willy’s Activity Page and Crossword Puzzle

Download the page

5. Fun Games Online

(Click on the link to go to the game on another website)

Match 3 Dental
Dental Jigsaw
Escape the Dentist
Dental Distress
Tic Tac Toe