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Fastbraces® Allows You to Enjoy a Straight Smile—Fast!

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A Straight, New Smile in as Little as 120 Days

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, which is why so many want theirs to be perfect. Traditional braces are usually the first thing that comes to mind when wanting to straighten your teeth, however treatment times can be lengthy and the brackets uncomfortable. Harlingen Family Dentistry offers a revolutionary orthodontic solution to traditional braces called Fastbraces®.

This technique is ideal for those who want a straight smile in as little as 120 days and want to correct issues such as:


Fastbraces Use a Revolutionary Approach to Orthodontics

Fastbraces use a unique and patented triangular bracket system that allows for an increased range of adjustment. With this design, a wire is used to move both the root of the tooth AND the crown together. Traditional braces move each part of the tooth separately, extending treatment times. Fastbraces also allows for a wider range of patients to be treated without requiring tooth extraction, such as those with extreme crowding.

An Improved Patient Experience with Fastbraces

Many times, patients are apprehensive to start orthodontic treatment because they have heard of the pain associated with shifting teeth and the lengthy commitment to the procedure. Fastbraces solves both of these issues without the pain or time commitment. Since both the crown and root of the tooth are moved simultaneously, Fastbraces typically results in much less pain and a faster completion time—resulting in a positive patient experience.

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