Your Jaw

Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ—The Jaw Joint)

Jaw pain Harlingen Family DentistryIf you or someone you know experiences constant facial pain, or migraines, it may be due to a TMJ problem. Stress on the TMJ causes the muscles to become overworked, which in turn become sore and lead to migraine headaches. We offer our patients night guards and an FDA approved NTI device to prevent you from clenching and/or grinding you teeth when you sleep.

Night Guards

Night guards are worn at night during your sleep to prevent damage to your teeth from nighttime teeth grinding. We offer our patients night guards similar to a protective mouthpiece that is molded around the teeth to fit snugly in your mouth. We then have you go through the normal jaw movements to ensure maximum comfort while wearing the appliance.

NTI Device

The NTI-TSS system is essentially a type of mouth guard that is placed onto the upper teeth, and lets the lower jaw rest in place and allows the teeth to subside from being able to constantly clench together. Installing the NTI-TSS is simple and the best part is that it requires no surgery, shots or pill and there are no side effects.