Dental Fillings

Harlingen dental fillingsThere is now a new technology that allows a tooth to be filled with a strong chemically bonded material that can be matched to the color of your tooth making it appear nearly invisible.

Research has proven that a tooth with this type of filling is almost as strong as a natural non-cavity healthy tooth, whereas a silver filling is only 40-50% as strong as a normal tooth.

Benefits of new fillings:

  1. Beautiful in appearance
  2. Completed in a single visit
  3. Stronger than a silver filling
  4. No filling leaks
  5. Less chance of tooth cracking


An adhesive is placed on the tooth that is “composite” and “tooth” compatible. It binds the composite material to the tooth. The tooth is first roughened so the liquid adhesive can “bond” with the tooth. A composite is a dough-like material that can be placed on the tooth, shaped and then hardened to form a structure very similar to the tooth. A bonding procedure can reshape a tooth, fill-in a chipped or cracked tooth, contour a misaligned tooth or cover up a discolored tooth.

Benefits of Bonding

  • Bonding is a fast, practical cost-effective solution
  • The procedure is usually done in a single visit

Cavity Repair

When we repair a cavity we make sure that we match the color of your tooth so that the filling is almost invisible. The tooth colored fillings are also much stronger than a silver filling. Caring for your teeth and making sure they last is our priority.