Dental Exams

Examination Checklist

Harlingen dental examsExams are an important part of dental care. This is where we care for you and make sure your teeth are all fine.

Dental exams are very important as they detect small things to be fixed before they become big things. And as anyone knows, it is much better to go to the dentist for something small, than to wait and wait and then need major work done.

Having regular dental exams makes sure that you will always be doing the small things that keep your teeth healthy and strong.

We do very thorough exams—the areas examined include the head, neck jaws mouth, teeth, gums, intra-oral and extra oral soft tissues and cancer mouth screening.

To ensure that we know exactly your situation, we use the latest technology for your oral examination.

We will also discuss home care techniques so that you get more information on how to care for your teeth and gums.

We are looking forward to doing an exam for you!