7 Tips to Get Your Braces Off Faster

Get your braces off faster!

Get your braces off faster!

The main goal for anyone wearing braces, no matter what their age, is to get those braces off. Here are a few tips to help you get through your period of wearing braces as quickly as possible.

1. Don’t eat hard or sticky foods. Some examples of this include nuts and popcorn, chips, cookies, caramel and toffee, and bubblegum. These foods can damage your braces and can also cause tooth decay.

2. Don’t drink soda or other carbonated drinks. These drinks are bad for your teeth and anything that damages your teeth can mean more time in braces.

3. Don’t chew on ice cubes. This can not only damage your braces but also damage your teeth.

4. Brush your teeth well. A clean mouth and good oral hygiene helps your teeth move into place faster.

5. Don’t chew on objects like pens or straws, or anything else that isn’t food. If you damage your braces by chewing on objects, you will have to spend more time in them.

6. Chop up foods that could hurt your teeth or your braces including raw veggies and fruits and bread with hard crusts that could damage braces.

7. Break nervous habits like playing with the elastics on your braces or biting your nails. Both of these habits can cause more time in your braces and in the orthodontist’s chair.

Essentially, getting out of your braces sooner means following the basic rules you learned from your orthodontist when you got braces.  It may be difficult at times to avoid certain foods, especially the gooey ones, as well as hard foods like nuts and chips. If you have habits like chewing ice cubes or chewing on pens, you may have to fight them hard in order to stop.

However, some of these restrictions are only temporary. It’s never a good idea to chew on ice or anything that isn’t food, and soda will always cause tooth decay. Other things, though, may be back on the menu at least occasionally after your braces are removed. It’s not as if you can never have another peanut or another piece of popcorn.

The waiting may be difficult now, but it will all be worth it in the end. There is a saying in financial circles that if you’re willing to do what no one else will do for five years, you can live like no one else can live for the rest of your life. It’s the same with braces. It’s uncomfortable to wear them, but you’ll have amazing teeth for the rest of your life.

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