Community Commitment

Our office strives to educate not only our valued customers but also the community at large. Feel free to contact us for health fairs, to set up a meeting with the lovable Willy the Walrus, or for more information on our scholarship programs.

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Americans are consuming foods and drinks high in sugar and starches more often and in larger portions than ever before. For example, the average teenage boy in the US consumes 81 gallons of soft drinks a year! Most of us consume around 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day according to the American Heart Association. The AHA recommends sugar intake is limited to 6 to 9 teaspoons a day.

Be aware that sugar combined with bacteria in the mouth produces acid which in turn can eat away the enamel on teeth. With proper care, a balanced died and regular dental visits our teeth can remain strong and healthy for a lifetime.

Harlingen Family Dentistry since its beginning in 1985, out of concern for the health of our children and their future, has provided dental education to schools, head start programs, clubs, parent groups, churches, scout groups and other organizations.

We provide as a community service the WILLY DENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAM as well as health and career fairs because we know that children’s dental health plays a huge part in how they succeed in school and in life. We know that good health can be achieved in part through good dental habits learned early and reinforced throughout life.

Children’s teeth are meant to last a lifetime, and a healthy smile is important to a child’s self-esteem as well as school performance and social relationships. When children’s oral health suffers, so does their ability to learn. An estimated 51 million school hours per school year are lost because of dental-related illness. Dental cavities is the #1 reason students miss school.